Xelum R&D

The Xelum R&D is dosing, mixing and granulating individual packages, so-called X-keys, which continuously run through the process chain and are removed successively from the machine as packages into bins.

Since it uses exactly the same components as the Xelum production platform, process parameters are identical and can be directly transferred 1:1. Excipients and active ingredients are dosed as a discrete mass in the Xelum R&D making it possible to even dose the smallest amounts of APIs of less than one percent. All relevant process parameters are continuously recorded. Both the production and the product transfer, as well as the cleaning process are recipe-controlled and ensure reproducible results. The user-friendly handling of the system is complemented by a DoE (Design of Experiment) software support.

The unit allows the user to develop formulations for both batch and continuous manufacturing on the same machine. Thanks to a reduction insert, the minimum amount of product that can be produced on the machine is 250 g. In an automatic cycle, however, the Xelum R&D can run products at a rate of 10 kg/h, which makes it useful not only for R&D but also for pilot production. As a fully closed and contained unit, it is also perfectly suited for the development of high potent APIs.


  • Unique combination of dosing, blending and granulation in one unit
  • Closed material handling (bin-to-bin)
  • X-key principle enables the dosing and handling of the smallest amounts of API
  • Up to 5 loss-in-weight feeders
  • Results can be transferred 1 on 1 to the production unit
  • Software support for DoE
  • Recipe controlled operation and cleaning
  • Easy integration of your existing Solidlab 2
  • Minimum amount of product 250 g, maximum rate 10 kg/h enables also pilot production

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